Surf’s Up in Punta Mita

If you are looking for the hottest place to catch a break and surf the waves, look no further than Punta Mita. Punta Mita is a 1500-acre private peninsula in the state of Nayarit in Mexico. Punta Mita is a great place to visit year-round due to its tropical climate. Your average summer temperature is 85 F and the winter average only drops down to 75 F. Due to the influence of several silicon valley investors, including Bill Gates, a lot of money has been put into developing this area into a prime spot for tourism. So, if you are interested in surfing the seas of Mexico, Punta Mita will have everything you need from gorgeous beaches with great waves, to nice hotels at great prices.

Photo of the beach at Punta de Mita


  1. Sayulita

    Located right in front of the town of Sayulita, this surf is usually pretty crowded. At this beach you get a nice sand bar that is excellent for beginners along with a point break with a rock bottom. This is an excellent place to take lessons since you have the Wildmex Sayulita Surf School on location.

  2. San Pancho

    If you are a beginner, this is probably not the best place to begin. If you have more experience, than you can have some fun catching waves during south swells. This spot has a left-hand river mouth break with a sand bottom. As such, it is a location that works best after rains. Local advice is to leave your longboards behind and use shortboards on these waters.

  3. Litibu

    Easy to reach by car, this less popular beachbreak is a great place for beginners to go ride some foam.

  4. El Faro

    To get to this spot you’ll either need to take a boat or go on a 20-minute hike. Once you get there you’ll be treated to a right hand point break that makes for nice long rides. Before you head out, just make sure you know what the conditions are. This spot is said to only be good with larger north swells and a good wind.

  5. La Bahia

    This surf spot isn’t for the casual surfer. To get there you need to take a boat and you need to go early in the morning for the best waves. Be careful on these waves because the reef can be very exposed at low tide. In general, this is a good spot for short boards.

  6. Anclote

    This spot generally produces a nice mellow wave that is perfect for those of you that enjoy the longboard. You can see some pretty good breaks out on Anclote but it requires a powerful swell. Access is easy as it is right in front of the town of Punta de Mita. Just take extra care during low tide since you have a sharp reef bottom that isn’t pleasant to fall on.

  7. Veneros

    If you are looking for some fast waves on your short board, the Veneros is where you want to be. But if you want to get there, you have to show a little dedication. Although the hike isn’t difficult, it will take you about 30 minutes to get to this spot. The Veneros is a beach break with both left and right breaks. The best waves are found during a hurricane or south swell. The best time to go out is usually during high tide.

  8. Paredon

    Right next to the Veneros you have the Paredon. During a big south swell at high tide you can catch nice long rides along a right had reef-point break.

Photo of Surfboards displayed in a Surf Shop

Surf Shops

Even if you come well-prepared, you’ll probably need to stop off at a local surf shop. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options.

  1. Nativa Surf Shop

    This is a great place to go to if you are looking for friendly staff with lots of experience. If you’re interested in lessons they do an excellent job of coaching you on the beach and on the breaks.

  2. Quiverito Surf Shop

    Highly rated on google for its quality boards and service, this shop can be found on the northern side of the peninsula. Visitors frequently comment on the quality of surfing lessons given by this surf shop’s instructors.

  3. Coral Reef Surf Shop

    If you are new to surfing, this shop is well known for finding you a spot that matches your current surf level. Many novice surfers report that they were able to shred a few waves on their first try after the instruction from this shop.

  4. Mictlan Surf Shop

    With its popping blue color and palm thatch awning, you can spot Mictlan Surf Shop right away. Located close to the point of the peninsula, this surf shop is considered by many to be one of the best in town. Not only do they provide equipment care and rental, but you can also book boating and whale watching experiences with them.

    Now it’s time to stop dreaming about the great surfing conditions out in Punta Mita. Instead, book a trip to discover the wonders for yourself. You won’t regret the time that you spend soaking in the sun and catching the breaks out on the seas surrounding this beautiful peninsula.