Guide to Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Buying real estate is generally one of the most stable investments you can make, and few markets are performing better than the current Mexico real estate landscape. Punta de Mita in particular has been drawing an enormous amount of interest from US and other international buyers; those in search of the ultimate retreat, with perfect weather, unmatched beaches, and vibrant, welcoming communities.

Luckily, buying Punta de Mita real estate is easier than you might think. Americans have been purchasing homes in Mexico for decades. The country welcomes tourism and international investment, so transactions have become increasingly straightforward and seamless.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to making the buying process as simple as possible.

Refine Your Budget

When considering how to buy real estate in Mexico, you’ll likely have a general budget range in mind. However, you’ll want to remember that your dollar goes further in Mexico than in the States. With lower construction and maintenance costs, buyers can often opt to purchase a higher end home with more square footage, so you can raise your expectations accordingly.

Set Your Sights on the Right Location

With so many beautiful regions and stunning coastlines, one of the most difficult parts of buying real estate in Mexico can be discovering your dream location. Not all Mexican locales are ideal for expats, who primarily look for comfortably familiar, yet exotic, escapes from big urban living. In addition to the natural beauty and local charm, you may want to consider coastal towns with a growing population of international buyers and visitors.

Choose the Type of Property That’s Best for You

The Mexico real estate market offers a variety of different housing styles, ownership structures, and investment opportunities. You’ll want to choose the option that best fits your needs and objectives.

Are you looking for a low-maintenance townhome or a luxury villa? How frequently will you be visiting? And do you plan on renting the property to tourists when you’re not using it yourself? These are just a few of the variables to weigh when narrowing in on the best choice for your investment. The most popular options to consider include:


Timeshare properties allow you to buy a portion of ownership in a condo, home, townhouse or apartment. Each owner is allowed to spend a predetermined amount of time at the residence every year and must coordinate timeslots with the other owners. Although these properties are generally affordable, you won’t be able to build equity or turn a profit in the future.


Condos allow you to become a full property owner without the added burden of exterior maintenance and upkeep. A homeowner’s association or management company will handle landscaping and routine maintenance of the property as a whole, meaning you’ll only be responsible for is the interior upkeep of your unit. This set up is ideal for a part-time resident interested in renting out their property for additional income.


You don’t need to limit your search for Punta de Mita real estate to pre-built structures. Buying a new-construction residence is one way to customize your home to suit your individual needs and taste, without worrying about any hidden maintenance issues. Of course, prior to making an offer, you’ll want to fully research the developer and their past track record to ensure you’re working with a reputable company, one that will complete the project on time and to the highest quality standards. You’ll also want to assess rental income potential if you don’t plan on living in Mexico full time. Many luxury resort communities have established programs that make renting your residence easy and hassle free.

Embrace the Amenities

When exploring Punta de Mita real estate, your choice of location and property type may also hinge on the amenities offered within a particular community. Residences in some of Mexico’s best resorts include a wide range of activities, on-site dining, professional staff, and around the clock security providing you with peace of mind while you enjoy all of the added luxuries and comforts. Ultimately, you’ll want your piece of paradise to be something that caters to your individual style and interests, with all the amenities that make each and every visit perfect.

Be Picky

Once you know how much you’re willing to spend on a property, you’ll need to secure a fideicomiso or bank trust agreement. This agreement affords you the same rights you’d enjoy as a property owner in the US or Canada. Even better, it allows you to buy Mexico real estate anywhere in the country.

Once you have the bank trust agreement in place, you can begin looking at financing options. Many local Mexican banks will help you apply for and secure a mortgage to buy your new property. As with all loans, take your time and compare the quotes you receive. Similar to the States and elsewhere, different banks will charge different interest rates, so be sure to shop around and compare your options to find the best interest rates available to you.

Draw Up an Offer of Purchase Letter

Mexican law is far more flexible than US law, and verbal agreements are considered binding contracts. Of course, you’ll still want to draw up a formal Offer of Purchase letter, outlining the sale price, terms, timeline, and target closing date.

Once the seller accepts your offer, you’ll be able to create a purchase agreement that finalizes the terms of the sale, clearing the way for you to move forward with the closing process.

Buying Punta de Mita Real Estate is an Investment in Your Future – and in Your Future Happiness

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