5 Things to Consider When Buying Punta de Mita Properties

Punta de Mita is the ideal place to buy vacation property. This 1,500-acre private peninsula in the Riviera Nayarit is just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, so you’ll get all the perks of the big city, with the slower pace of this gated, tranquil area. Spend your days walking along stunning beaches or playing tennis with the best view in Mexico, while enjoying the nightlife and culinary scene of Puerto Vallarta.

When you’re considering buying Punta de Mita properties, you’ll want to make sure you find the best option for your needs. Here are 5 things to consider before making your purchase.

  1. Property Amenities

    Make sure the property offers features that can be enjoyed for years to come. Do you value time at the spa while on vacation? Or maybe you’re all about fine dining? Make sure your property is in close proximity to the amenities you care most about.

  2. Floorplan

    It’s easy to fall in love with one of the many gorgeous properties in Punta de Mita, but you want to be practical about whether or not the space is right for you. Consider who will be visiting the property with you and how you’ll be using the space. If you plan on hosting many guests, make sure the property has plenty of room for those guests to sleep. If you’re hosting older guests, you may want to choose a one-story floor plan to make it easier to get around.

  3. Maintenance Commitments

    Even the most gorgeous Punta de Mita property may have underlying issues that require ongoing maintenance or renovations. Be sure to get a thorough inspection done before committing to a property. This will give you a better idea of how much work the property will require. You’ll want to know if you’ll be hiring out contractors or scheduling a handyman to fix up the place.

  4. Neighborhood

    Punta de Mita is unique for it’s strong community. Club Punta Mita offers an opportunity to build lifelong connections to other property owners. But you’ll still want to consider the neighborhood you’re buying in. Will your neighbors be home often? Will they be hosting loud parties or peaceful dinners?

  5. Taxes and Insurance

    Punta de Mita properties each have their own fees associated with the purchase. Make sure you understand the taxes, HOA fees, insurance costs, and other fees that might come along with your property choice. This will give you an accurate view of your overall costs so you can weigh the pros and cons of the property.

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